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Donaldson Liquid Business Oportunities!

P550863 - P765594 - X770699

There are 3 new Donaldson Liquid Products awaiting for you.

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Donaldson has P550587 - Fuel Water Separator - available in its range.  Check out attached file.
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Donaldson Vehicle Cards 

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Attached also the existing Donaldson Vehicle Cards  Bobcat
Daimler - Mercedes-Benz Truck & Bus
Fendt Agriculture
Hyster Lifttruck
John Deere
Komatsu Lifttruck
Mitsubishi Lifttruck
Nissan Lifttruck  
TCM Lifttruck
Volvo CE
Volvo Truck & Bu

Please be aware that...

M & H W940/10 was wrongly crossed to Donaldson P550008 in our Cross Reference system, thread sizes didn't correspond.  This wrong cross reference has now been removed.

Tips for Fuel Filter Maintenance Intervals
Fuel_0218 on Eng_Hands

-  Drain water from your primary filter daily when refueling.
-  Carry a spare set of fuel filters in case you receive a bad load of fuel.
Never switch to more open filters to get longer filter life, it will reduce fuel pump and injector life.
If using biodiesel, make certain your fuel supplier meets current fuel standards.
Ensure that your engine is compatible with the concentration or percent biodiesel you wish to use.
-  Use bulk filtration on your
own fuel tank, because removing contaminants before they reach the vehicle is the best.